You already chat with your friends. It's easy and lots of fun. Chat with a tutor the same way, then invite friends to solve coding challenges!

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Kodechat gives you so more than a tutor. Solve challenges, compete with friends, all inside Kodechat!

Welcome to the world's first hip tutoring service. Chat and code with real tutors. Invite your friends to a coding challenge. Most important – have fun!

The more you learn, the more rewards you get. Earn badges and trophies! (Coming Soon)

Use Kodechat on your phone or on your laptop. During your lunch break or your commute.

Why Kodechat?

Learn On The Go

Solve Challenges

Most people stop coding because they lack motivation. Tutors help encourage you to keep going.

Earn Rewards

Real Tutor = Real Results


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"I used to think coding was something only really smart people could do. Guess I am really smart after all, because it seems so easy now!

Thx Kodechat"

"I didn't even know what coding was when I started. Thanks to Kodechat, now I can write and read Javascript!

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